OUR coffee


JJ Bean & Mogiana

Our coffees, roasted by local pros JJ Bean Coffee Roasters and Mogiana Coffee, have their own unique story and flavour. All of our JJ Bean blends are 100% Certified Organic, and are certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). Our Mogiana roasts hail from the lush hills of Brazil's Mogiana Valley, where they have been lovingly produced for over a century by three generations of coffee lovers.



Premium Teas

With over twenty loose leaf teas, from black and green to rooibos and herbal, we've got you covered. Our supplier, Metropolitan Tea Company, works directly with the world's top tea growers to develop the highest quality specialty teas.


Strong in taste, colour and aroma, our matcha is pure bliss, perfect whisked with boiling water as a tea, or steamed with milk as a latte. For a truly authentic matcha experience, our ceremonial grade tea is unsweetened and made from the finest leaves, resulting in a bright green, smooth and creamy tea.


Our Organic Chai concentrate is as authentic as they come, and its LOCAL! Our supplier's micro-brew method leaves our chai tasting more flavourful and less sweet than most others, resulting in a perfectly balanced chai every time.



Fresh Baked Goods

Our fresh muffins, croissants, cookies and scones are baked in-house throughout the day; their aromas delighting your senses the second you step into the Bean. We also have treats delivered daily from local bakeries, including the infamous ooey, gooey cinnamon buns, carrot cake, fruit and nut scones, and apple crostatas.

Don't forget, you can even order a pack of SIX frozen Ham & Cheese Croissants or Almond Croissants to bring home and bake for the next morning! Ask your barista today!

Gluten-Free & Vegan Goodies

Don't get along with gluten or non-vegan products? No problem. Our gluten-free muffins and vegan energy bars are a scrumptious experience that will satisfy celiacs and hipsters alike. 

Panini, Wraps & Bagels

We offer a variety of fresh panini and wraps, including yummy vegetarian options. Our Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wrap are the perfect way to start off your day, and are made in-store every morning.

Soup (Seasonal)

Our selection of mouthwatering soups are made from scratch using only the freshest, natural ingredients. Low in sodium and without MSG or added preservatives, they go hand-in-hand with a rainy Vancouver day.